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Free for institutional investors

Your one-stop-shop for deal information.

Network infrastructure connecting banks and institutional investors for equity capital markets issuance

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Organised by deal type and status
All market activity at a quick glance
Manage your relationships with banks
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Increased efficiency

Get access to term sheets from each bank that you are connected to fast.

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Our standardisation of ECM processes enhances efficiency and increases regulatory compliance and accountability.
Golden source deal data published directly from banks to institutional investors in a digital format.
Comprehensive market activity overview customisable to your needs.
Our systems are interoperable with other applications used by banks and investors.
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News & Updates
Primary Portal is disrupting and streamlining equity primary capital markets communication
December 13, 2022
London-based Primary Portal raises 5.3 million GBP seed round, led by Dutch Founders Fund and Flow Traders

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