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free for institutional investors

Real-time equity deal information delivered to you.

Primary Portal aggregates and digitises all ECM deal information from banks that you have a relationship with. The service is 100% free of charge for institutional investors as it is paid for by the banks.

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Organised by deal type and status
View deals on a customised dashboard organised by offering type, region, deal stage and more.
All available deals at a glance
Choose which deals populate your dashboard with geography, sector and size filters.
Manage relationships and preferences
Request and manage connections to the banks that you have a relationship with.
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route orders to any bank

Your centralised order platform.

Submit order indications for IPOs, Blocks and other ECM transactions to any of the managing banks and track acknowledgements and allocations via our real-time order entry system.

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Submit your order to any bank on the deal
You can decide which syndicate banks get to see your order.
See your orders against the entire market
The deal dashboard shows all the deals in the market, with your open interests clearly marked.
Hassle-free for your banking counterparts
Banks with whom you have a relationship get inbound orders to their inbox with full traceability and auditing.
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real-time API

Integrate your OMS or analytics platform with ease.

Receive deal information electronically into your systems through our API. Real-time data packaged and formatted to make it easy to use in your systems.

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Real-time feed of all deal details
Get all the termsheet data, from all the banks, in real time.
Easy-to-use API
Industry standard access methods and data schemas make integrating your systems a breeze.
Enriched Data
Data enriched with tickers and sector data to ease linkage to other systems.


Straight to Excel

Download Deals directly to your desktop.

Download the latest priced deal data in Excel format for easy analysis. Data updated monthly for all priced deals on the platform.

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Updated monthly
Priced deals are updated every month. The download includes data for each deal that was published on the platform up until the end of the previous month.
Global Dataset
Access deals published from all major markets. Primary Portal's growing dataset covers ECM activity in EMEA, APAC and the Americas.
Historical Data
Primary Portal's deal data goes back as far as 2021, with coverage increasing year on year.
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