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Software Engineer

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All levels

Software Engineer

Full-time, permanent
UK onsite or Poland remote

The role

We are looking for outstanding software engineers to continue building and innovating our customer-facing product. This job description provides our desired attributes for engineers at every level. Your experience and specialisation mean that some attributes will be weighted more highly than others in the interview process. 

This is the ideal opportunity for full-stack, back-end and front-end engineers looking to work in a high-velocity, high-impact environment, owning the development process across design, implementation and launch. 


  • write clear, self-documenting code

  • are a problem solver, a pragmatist and a fast learner who is not dogmatic

  • have experience building modern web apps with TypeScript, Node and React

  • are confident with performance optimisation, and identifying bottlenecks and scalability concerns

  • are familiar with a variety of data stores and approaches to managing data

  • have a good background in algorithms, systems, and design

  • have knowledge and interest in backend serverless architectures, including messaging and event sourcing, eventual consistency, and microservices

  • work well in a multidisciplinary team and pro-actively communicate

  • think independently and love sharing your technical knowledge with others

  • aren’t afraid of a little database administration or dev-ops work

  • probably have a technical degree and 1+ years of real-world development experience


  • are a small, dedicated team of smart, experienced engineers, product people, and business folks 

  • love Linux, Gitlab, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Terraform, NestJS, React and Agile 

  • hate useless meetings, value your time, and enjoy a good work/life balance 

  • value an informal, friendly, and supportive working culture with minimal hierarchy and no silos 

  • are data-driven, and take product ideas from the whole team 

  • work quickly to test and launch new ideas 

  • value beautiful user experiences 

Pay and benefits

  • competitive salary 

  • equity options (depending on seniority)

  • pension 

  • flexible remote or office-based working 

  • generous paid holidays allowance 

  • regular team outings and events

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Broadley House
48 Broadley Terrace
London NW1 6LG
United Kingdom

Company number: 12639845
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