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Fruit in our Primary Portal Forest

Our partnership with Treedom

Primary Portal is proud to be working with Treedom, a leading charity platform that plants trees in many countries of the world.

Primary Portal has pledged to donate a portion of each fee received from participating banks to the planting of a tree, creating a direct link between publishing a transaction and a more sustainable environment!

About Treedom

Treedom is the first platform in the world that allows you to plant a tree from a distance and follow the story of the project online.

Since its foundation in 2010 in Florence, more than 3 million trees have been planted in Africa, South America and Europe.

All trees are planted directly by local farmers and bring environmental, social and financial benefits to their communities. In 2014, Treedom became part of the Certified B Corporations, a network of companies that stand out for high environmental and social performance.

Read more about Treedom here


Avocado trees planted


Coffee trees planted


Grevillea trees planted


Papaya trees planted


Cacao trees planted


Marhamia trees planted

Tanzania Forest

20 Avocado Tress Planted
20 Papaya
20 Farmers

Kenya Forest

50 Grevillea Tress Planted
50 Marhamia Tress Planted
15 Farmers

Nepal Forest

30 Coffee Tress Planted
10 Farmers

Colombia Forest

30 Cacao Tress Planted
15 Farmers